It started raining heavily in the hour before I needed to walk to the port. I walked anyway, and was as usual faced with a giant impassable highway completely unfriendly to pedestrians, and no indication of how to get to the port. I found it eventually, completely soaked. Waited for almost two hours under a lean-to with other bedraggled passengers, and went through some half-hearted attempt at passport control I think. Or at least checking the ticket name and passport name matched. Boarded, waiting around some more, got a room key. I have a two bed room, and so far it doesn't look like I'm sharing it with anyone.

So far there are many male truck drivers, a couple of families with kids and old people, and three sets of travelling young couples from various locations, who speak English. I haven't seen any of them since I boarded though.

This ferry apparently has a sauna, and wifi that only works once it's in Ukraine (by which time it's not much good). Mealtimes are in strict 30 minute slots, but I'm not sure which timezone they run on.

Currently still in port; no idea when we'll actually leave.

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