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Vegan in Vienna 2

Part one of Vegan in Vienna earlier this year.

I passed a few hours in Vienna this afternoon, between buses. It's a Sunday, so not a lot of food options. I walked (about an hour) from Stadion bus terminal to Vegetasia, an all-vegan Chinese buffet. The food was really good, from fried stuff, to fresh stuff, to rice, noodles, soups, and sushi. Ooh and savoury bao! There were desserts too, but I didn't have space. All-you-can-eat is €10.90, and by Vienna standards this is damn good value. I also had a 'cocktail' of aloe vera, lychee and lime, for €6.50, which was generously sized (though too sweet for me really, I've gotta stop ordering lychee things).

The interior is well-lit and spacious too, and there are also tables outside (I'd had enough of sun by then). The staff are friendly, and there's wifi. Main drawback is they close between 1500 and 1700, so I couldn't stay there longer.

Then I walked, about 35 minutes, to Erdberg bus station.

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