Does anyone want to recommend (or research) portable travel kitchen-related stuff for me?

To date I've been carrying around a small wooden spoon, a bamboo straw, and a ragtag assortment of plastic spoons and forks (sometimes chopsticks) that I've acquired and seemed robust enough to hold onto, until they break. I stuff them into the zip pouch that also holds my USB cables and external hard drive and stuff. I used to have a silicon tea infuser, but I left that at my airbnb in Budapest :( I have never possessed a reusable flask worth keeping, they always leaked or smelled or broke or wandered off by themselves. But I really want to remedy that.

The only long-term food item I carry around is loose leaf tea stuffed in gradually degrading plastic pouches.

For the first time this month I moved into a place without any coffee making facilities at all, so now I'm fantasising about a collapsible silicone drip coffee cone like this. I'm dumping the grounds straight in the cup and drinking around them at the moment which is basically fine. I usually do this with tea too, even when I had my infuser I only used it about 50% of the time. So maybe I don't neeeed to replace that.

I'd like some kind of robust storage pouches for tea and herbs/spices though. Small containers that all attach or fit together somehow so they're not drifting around my backpack or easily lose-able. Ideally something that folds flat when empty.

I like the idea of a collapsible coffee cup flask like these. But I'm not sure if I should just get a full size good quality thermos and accept that it is always going to take up space. I should probably try to carry and drink more water anyway. Whatever flask I get I really want space for a clip so I can attach it to things.

I should probably get a more long-term spoon/fork solution, and a better pouch to carry them in.

🏷 life travel