Some stuff I did in Vienna

I didn't do a lot of touristy stuff in Vienna (I did eat of course), but here's a few things...

I went to the Central Library. It's pretty awesome, straddling a highway and a metro station, with lots of floors, a good view, and a restaurant at the very top.

Stone steps up to a round white building, blue sky, partial cover by an abstract brown roof View over two big roads with trams and cars, city buildings along each side View over train tracks, green park and road stretching into the distance

The main library, in the museum quarter, is an architectural marvel in itself and costs 3eur to enter for a day. Since I was passing by late afternoon, I figured I'd come back when I had a full day to spend, but I never did.

Curved grand building with a green statue, tarmac in front, some cars and tourists Yellow/brown stone church with interesting shapes Green statues of various figures with a grand building in the background

I went for a run with H along the river. There are tons of good places to run. We also hiked through some vinyards, to the Alps. We found a lookout tower, but it was closed until May. There were some great views of the city on the way down.

Blue sky, narrow path, fence and vinyards to the right Woman in sunglasses stands in front of grassy fields and blue sky, distant city A white church against a stark blue sky Views over vinyards, fluffy flowers, blue sky, distant city Silhouette of a woman looking out over a river and distant city

More Vienna photos.

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