Vegan in Vienna

There are quite a lot of options in Vienna, but everything is expensive, so I mostly bought groceries and cooked. But not always..

A white bowl with red and yellow stew, leaf garnish, beside a coffee with thick foam and sprinkles A wooden table, espresso in a takeaway cup and a spiral pastry on a plate A pink and white icecream in a cone, held above concrete pavement A pita bread in white paper overflowing with leaves, sauce, peppers, chilli A plastic tray with a box of fries and a hotdog with chilli and sauce on resting on brown paper, plus a plastic cup with lemonade

Vegan Anker

Anker is a bakery chain that's everywhere in the city. Regular branches have a few vegan things, but there's an entirely vegan Anker right in Stefansplatz Metro station. There are a couple of tables, and it's around a corner away from the bustle of the main station, so a nice place to hide away and pass the time. It's also really cheap by Vienna standards. They have a huge array of cakes and pastries of course, as well as sandwiches and other savouries. My sister (who's not vegan) got a sandwich from there for her conference lunch one day and raved about it for the whole evening afterwards. I only tried a great sticky pastry, plus an espresso, and read my kindle for a couple of hours.


I went to this place cos it was relatively close to where I was staying. It's a small biomarket with a vegan cafe added on, only a couple of tables. The food is super fresh and homemade; they have a couple of salad options and a hot main dish each day, on a changing menu. I tried goulash, and a big fluffy latte. It was all good. She tried to upsell me a salad, but I wasn't hungry enough.

It was hard to find somehow.. but I can't recall exactly why now. The street of the address is not actually where the entrance is, or something.


An ice cream chain, these are everywhere. Great flavours, generous scoops, good prices. I tried black forest and poppyseed.

Pita Box

They have a big kebab-shaped lump of seitan rotating in the same way normal kebab places have meat! Wild. An extensive mostly-vegan menu, including different kebab combos and falafel. I had seitan in a pita and was able to load it with toppings from the counter myself. They have a bunch of interesting hummus flavours, including peanut (which obviously is what I had). The guy told me which things in the counter weren't vegan, which I think was just the tzatziki.

HappyCow lists this as non-veg, but I'm 99% sure everything was vegetarian.


A junkfood stop near Karlsplatz with a wide range of burgers and toppings. I had a Mexican hotdog, fries and homemade lemonade. Cheap and tasty.


A wide and varied menu, mostly consisting of meat-substitute oriented dishes, the form of bowls, plates and burgers. I went with a couple of omnivores and they were both happy. It was super busy and there seemed to be only two staff, so it was a while before we got served. There are seats downstairs, too. I ate pepper steak. Most dishes are very customisable in terms of sides, sauces and add-ons. Pricey, and not huge portions, but average by Vienna standards I think. There are a few branches around the city.

A slate (not a plate) with salad, avocado, a metal basket of chips, a pot of mayo and a chunk of seitan A chocolate cake with nuts, blueberries and a raspberry on top

Harvest Cafe

A super nice cosy place, my sister and I collapsed here after a long day of walking to recouperate so we wouldn't start fighting as soon as we got home. She had a hot chocolate and I had a veganised Viennese coffee, and we shared apple strudel. We were spoilt for choice on the cake front, they all looked great, but we weren't hungry enough for two.

Cafe interior, with a chandelier in the top left, a blackboard with writing, brown walls and the tops of chairs Cafe interior, with a cabinate supporting a globe, a row of pictures against the wall, a table with a lamp on A woman with hair tied back and a checked shirt, texting, sitting in a cafe with books on a shelf in the background A white plate painted with leaves, supporting an apple strudel with fruit coming out the side and dusted with icing sugar A metal tray with a glass of water and a foamy coffee

It's all vegetarian, and vegan stuff is labelled.

Denn's Biomart

If all else fails, there are Denn's everywhere. They usually have a cafe counter with sandwiches, pastries and cakes, as well as good coffee and smoothie options.

Things I did in Vienna that weren't eating.

Update: Return in June.

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