Vegan in Bratislava

Compared to the size of the city, there are a lot of veg*n places to eat. Most regular coffeeshops have plant milks, and a surprising number have raw vegan cakes too. It's overall cheap.

Also quite a few places have vegan ice cream options. I got chestnut from Luculus 5 minutes after hopping off the bus.

Balans Bistro

Busy both times I went, this all vegan place has a pretty extensive menu. I tried the quesadilla which was more beans than cheese, but still good. A plate of some of the best chips I've had outside of the UK (high praise, y'know). Another time I was really not hungry enough for a full meal and I was definitely going to get soup or/and a cake, but the day's special was a pulled jackfruit burger.. It was great. I got fluffy creamy chestnut cake to go. My sister had the soup which was spicy and had avocado floating in it, which worked surprisingly well.

A blue plate with half eaten quesadilla and salad A blue plate with a small pile of chips next to a jar of dip From above, a glass with a glass straw, and pieces of orange and lemon floating A blue plate with onion rings, a full looking burger, in front of a foamy latte A paper tray with a creamy and chocolatey cake with chestnut pieces on top

Vegan Kiosk

A foodtruck outside Tesco. Various burgers, drinks, bananabread. Interesting burger buns. Approved.

U Dobrozrutra

All vegan bakery; I wish I had been able to try everything here. They also had a few groceries like nut butters. I ate a poppyseed pastry. No wifi, but a few seats and coffee as well.


All veggie, mostly vegan. One of the only places I could find open on Easter Sunday, they have gyoza, ramen and falafel and hummus. Food quality is good. I ate miso soup and gyoza, which were covered in edamame and mushrooms. A small portion, but very delicious. They also have bottomless green tea.

A speckled brown dish with a pile of dumplings, scattered with green soya beans, garnish and sesame seeds A hand holds a paper bag from which emerges a brown chunky looking pastry, with two bites out A pink burger bun leaking its salad and cheese in a paper holder


A French crepe place, with coffees and fresh juices. They can make vegan and gluten-free crepes from almond milk and buckwheat flour, and have vegan chocolate options. I tried one with banana and blueberries, and one with 'nougat' chocolate sauce. There's wifi and lots of seating; I worked here for a whole morning. The espresso is good too.

An espresso in a small glass cup on a plate with a biscotti on the side, in front of a window to the street A woman in a grey tshirt leans sideways smiling over a crepe on aplate and a glass of grapefruit juice with a straw A triangular thin pancake with chocolate sauce piped in a zigzag


Need vegan junk food at 2am? No problem. I didn't go at 2am, but it was nice to know it was an option. Mid-afternoon, it wasn't busy and was a fantastic place to work, with wifi and power. I ate an absolutely fantastic quesadilla, which was just packed with not-cheese. They also have some great cakes; on another occasion I had a burger. It's good solid (omnivore) pub food, with extensive vegan options, big portions.

A white plate with a small mount of lettuce, a dish of mayo and pieces of quesadilla in a heap A cardboard box with a black napkin and a slice of chocolate cake from above A metal basket with fries, a small pot of mayo and a burger from above

Schoendorf Bio Cafe

An omni place off the main street. I just stopped in for a coffee but ended up staying for a hot chocolate and waffles as well. Small portions, on the pricey side, but the hot chocolate was really fantastic. Good for vegan breakfast or snack, not so much for lunch.

Inside a cafe with aw ooden floor, white seats, and people chatting at a table A wooden table with a white cup of hot chocolate from above Two waffles on a plate with syrup, banana, blueberries and raspberries

There were a bunch of places I tried to go to but didn't because they were closed when I was in the area, or were way too busy. Next time. Things I did in Bratislava that weren't eating.

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