A week in South Moravia

Some chill time in the Czech countryside, with my new Vipassana friend P. Photosets linked throughout.

P met me in Brno, and we spent the evening wandering around in the sun. And whiled the evening away in an amazing tea shop, with different culturally themed rooms (Japanese, Chinese, Indian) and a super chill atmosphere.

View over a city with trees in the foreground View from below of the side of a cathedral with big windows A cathedral on a hill in the distance, cars and road in the foreground A white cup and teapot on a wooden board A room with wooden and paper panels in the walls and cushions on the floor A statue of a black horse with extra long legs, in front of a white church

We walked around the local countryside, around P's town Hustopece. It's largely flat, with gentle rolling hills and lots of vinyards. Spring was here and the flowers were blooming.

A grass field with a distant hill A grassy hillscape with a path along the left A yellow brick round church behind some trees

We took the bus to Mikulov, and explored this beautiful town. There's a castle with stunning grounds and gardens, and view over the town from above. We went into the crypt and learnt about the history of the building which had once been a church.

A yellow brick castle on a small hill with a tarmac road curving around the front A cool tree in the center of a tarmac road, with a view over a city in the background rhiaro in a red jacket sits cross-legged on a little shelf in a big rock A cobbled town square with a couple of cars and a tower in the middle and a hill in the backgrounds Green and silver ornate doors in a sandy coloured wall A town square with two church towers, one on each side, and orange roof buildings

We had a great lunch with some amazing DIY hot chocolates, before wandering up nearby hills.

A woman smiles at the hot chocolate she's stirring, sitting at a table in a restaurant A stone tower behind a slightly leafy tree Cloudy skies over a two tower gothic-y building View from a hillside over a town with orange roofs and two chuch spires, a rocky cliff on the right A white church on a grass field against a cloudy sky, with a sliver of sunset on the horizon

We hiked up Palava Hill, with stops along the way to look out over the lake, and see various ruins. The lake used to be a valley with villages; you can still see some trees standing tall out of the water, and a small island with the remains of a church. We ended in a town where we visited a chaotic art studio, and had drinks in a nationally famous coffee place, with a beautiful terrace and view from the hillside.

A distant wide lake under a blue sky with trees in the foreground View over hills and a village between two brick and stone walls A stone arch frames a view over the lake and village An old castle on a hill covered in rocks and yellow flowers, lake in the distance A woman in a blue shirt and pink tights wedged upside down in a stone window

At the end of the week we took the bus to Prague. In the evening we took a boat ride on the river, and ate at Loving Hut. The next morning we walked into the city from the suburbs, and at at Moment, before parting ways.

Silhouette of the city with the sun setting and the river in the foreground Glossy river with a towery bridge and some trees Swans on the river A pond in a grassy park with trees along the horizon A path alongside trees leading to Prague in the distance

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