A day in Munich

Between night buses I spent a day in Munich. The medium sized lockers in the bus station are 2.50eur for 24 hours which seems like a pretty good deal. There was one left, so I left my backpack.

I ambled indirectly into town. Noticed I was in the vicinity of Max Pett, a fancy vegan restaurant. I didn't hold high hopes of it being open on a Sunday morning, but it wasn't much of a detour to go past. It was 10 minutes before opening! And they had scrambled tofu and baked beans! I ate a really delicious breakfast on a table outside in the sun, and stayed there for about three hours. Eduroam wifi reached, the staff were friendly, and did I mention the food was great. 15eur is usually a lot more than I want to pay for breakfast... but I managed to do enough work while I was there to break even.

Beans and tofu and salad on a white plate in the sun

I walked through the town center, taking pictures of churches and stuff, and generally enjoying the sun. There are a lot of green spaces. I stopped for an ice cream. Eventually got to the Bavarian State Library, which is very grand. There are large lockers in there too, and your 1eur gets refunded, so that's a good option in future.

I spent a few hours in the reading room, first hiding amongst the stacks on the floor and eventually at a desk.

By 1830 I started to think about food again. I'd been planning to go to Bodhi, near the bus station, but I'd planned this before the expensive Max Pett breakfast. I took a recommendation for Umi's cafe instead. Again I sat outside in the sun, and ate mushrooms and a giant spring roll from the salad counter, followed by a nougat tart. Not everything here is vegan (all vegetarian), but it's labelled well. I also had a really delicious almond milk iced coffee. And took some food to go.

Mushrooms and a spring roll on a white plate A tall glass with foamy coffee A chocolate tart on a plate

I hauled myself back to the bus station and boarded a bus to Krakow. Feeling the effects of the previous night, even though I'd had two seats to myself and slept not terribly, I passed out almost at once.

The rest of the photos from Munich.

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