Vegan in Budapest

aka Hungry in Hungary.

So many good options, for eating in, takeaway, and vegan groceries, I almost regretted getting a flat with a kitchen. In no particular order...

Vegan Love

Junk food and proud, a variety of burgers, not-dogs, salads, macaroni cheese and donuts. Delicious and fast, and pretty cheap, but cramped and busy.

Sweet potatoe fries on one side of a cardboard tray and a sticky saucy salad-filled burger bun on the other An overflowing hotdog with avocado and cheesey sauce, fries to the right A white paper plate with a choclate and nut covered donut with a hole

Las Vegans

A food truck pretty close to where I was staying. They had a ton of different burgers and I wanted to try most of them. They also have smoothies and mango lassi. It's in a little street of foodtrucks which are open late, so it's a good place to go in nice weather with omnivores; something for everyone.

A burger poking out of a seedy bread bun with spinach and red onion, beside a cardboard tray of potato wedges A plastic bottle three quarters full of yellow liquid, beside a cardboard tray with a sturdy looking burger on A close up on a pile of potato wedges covered with grated cheese, beside a burger pun out of which pokes frilly lettuce, tomato, and a breaded patty Three people beside a foodtruck with pictures of burgers, in the daytime A gravelled street covered and lit from above, with food trucks down both sides


Sandwiches, soups, salads and burgers. The 'chips' are thin-sliced potato, more like crisps. Nice soft burger buns, easy to eat. Soup was good too, and I had a 'cream cheese' sandwich which was kind of boring. Only two seats, so one time I went we had to stand and juggle the food because it was pouring with rain outside. Good quality food, and close to attractions.

A round bun with a little burger poking out the side, next to a pile of colourful crisps


If I ran a vegan restaurant, the kind of food I'd serve can be found at Vegacity. A vast array of pre-made stews, soups, delicious mush, fried things, salads, sushi, vegetables, brightly coloured burgers, rainbow of smoothies and an excellent cake selection. I tried to read the signs, but then just pointed at what looks good. There are two floors of seats, and wifi; I hung out here quite a lot. I should have more food photos, I don't know what happened to them.

A cup of coffee next to a purple and white bouncy looking cake on a plate Two bowls, one containing red mush and millet, one with dark purple mush; in between an orange smoothie, and beside a swirly slice of cake

Naspolya Nassolda

Raw cake, breakfasts and snacks. Stopped for good coffee and a few hours working. Not a lot of space, but it wasn't busy. Would return for interesting granola.

A big foamy cappuccino and a slice of purple and white cheesecake with pomegranate seeds on top


A pizza foodtruck in the courtyard of a bar. All very hip and lively at night. And omg the pizza. Amongst the best pizza I've ever had, with an interesting selection of toppings. Sweet potato and chestnut, with vegan mozzerella added, a little combo of sweet and salty, was perfection. The mushroom one also rocked hard. I tried everything on the menu over two visits with other people. All pizzas very structurally unsound. No boxes to takeaway; eat it on the spot or risk it disintegrating in the street.

People hanging around in a dark courtyard, with a string of lights above Dimly lit pizza with leaves on Dimly lit pizza with nachos and cheesey sauce on top Dimly lit pizza with orange mush and mozzerella circles Dimly lit oval pizza on a green table with green and red sauce Dimly lit pizza with rocket on

Both times a pizza was delayed because of an 'accident' (I think they ate it, who could blame them) or severely misshappen and came with an offer of a replacement? I said it was beautiful and ate it as it was. There are seats outside, but the bar (which also serves food) allows the pizza inside as well.

Great Bistro

Was... not so great. The first time I went what I thought was well before closing time, but the kitchen was finished. When I did make it to eat I found the menu limited and the prices extortionate. The food was presented to make it seem fancy, and it tasted fine.. I had a dish with porcini mushrooms which really just hold their own and are always amazing. The desserts were miniscule. I wouldn't go again.

White dish with big squares of gnocchi, and a pile of mushrooms, grassy garnish Orange soup with coconut pile in the middle Small crusted tart with yellow cream and a spring of mint Glass jar with a metal hinge with cream in one side and brown jam in the lid


A good sized basement restaurant with a lot of Hungarian dishes translated to vegan. Everything I ate here was delicious, with standout goulash (not pictured) and a poppyseed pancake layer cake with a divine chocolate sauce.

Red plate with seitan on one half and yellow pasta on the other Two cakes on plates on a table, one with peanuts on top and the other dripping with shiny chocolate sauce Red plate with pasta, cream and a pile of tofu in the middle


Burgers and fries which really fill the junkfood hole. Single-size burgers are small portions, but the prices match, so it's a great place for a substantial snack. There are also double versions, and all come with a variety of fillings. The fries are good, and they have fresh juice instead of soda. There's plenty of space and wifi, though the interior is stark and wasn't cleaned very well when I was there.

Purple juice in a paper cup, next to a burger wrapped in white and green paper, and fries coming out of a paper bag Close up of a bland looking burger bun with lettuce, sauce, and a bit of burger poking out

For some reason this is the burger of the the month that lingers in my mind and I really want to eat again.

Veggie Nyers

All raw cafe with pre-made dishes in the counter, and many good looking cakes. We took a mix plate between two (some of everything, and crachers) plus smoothies and cake. Definitely healthy and delicate. Some of the little scoops of stuff were so-so, some were super delicious.

A plate with a line of small square crackers down the middle, and various colourful salads in blobs either side Cake with a chocolate layer, a cream layer and a purple cherry layer Cake with a chocoalte layer and a fudgy layer and a walnut on top

Slow Foodiez

Pretty pricey and I wasn't convinced they were justified. I really wanted almond cream pancakes and gnocchi, but both times I went only limited menu items were available. The chickpea omelette was passable, and they have a nice selection of raw cakes. Need to figure out what times the main menu is available though.

Folded omelette type thing stuffed with veggies on a plate and a small dish of green dip A small spiral cake on a plate with a fork beside a cup of coffee

Other stuff

I walked past this place after eating at VegaCity, which looks like it just opened. Didn't get chance to go back. There's a bakery next to Tokmag called Fill Good which I wish I'd found sooner. It's only takeaway, but they have a huge range of sweet and savoury vegan baked goods. I took a bunch for my road trip, but didn't get a good photo. It was all delicious.

And, when I wasn't eating...

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