Two weeks in Budapest

I mostly worked and cafe-hopped, and did all the usual touristy things when Naomi came to visit. The weather of course was beautiful, right up until it was time to go outside. But we braved the rain, and walked a lot.

Along the river, and Margaret Island.

A yellow bridge on the left beside a dreary grey river Bright blue night sky over a green towery bridge with lights, and orange lights along the shoreline and reflecting into a deep blue river A dark hill on the far side of a dark blue river, with orange lights reflecting and a white tower on top of the hill

Through the city center, Parliament (supposedly designed to look like Westminster? I sort of see it, but not all the way), the German Occupation Memorial, and counter-monument to Holocaust victims.

A pale blue sky splattered with fluffy white clouds over a grand towery building with a dome in the middle, on the far side of a river Inside window of a tram frames a grand white building across a river A metal statue of an eagle on top of white stone pillars against ablue sky with tress A typed sign on a post against a long row of memorials, while small groups of tourists read them

We went to the Aquincum museum, with Roman ruins, which is not usually open in the winter or bad weather, but we went on a public holiday by chance so it was both open and free to enter.

White sky, dark green trees, around the remains of stone walls in the ground Old white pillars and the remains of stone walls

Stuff at the top of various hills. The castle, Fisherman's Bastion, the Liberty Statue.

A tiny red and orange funicular A building with a green dome behind a statue of a man on a horse with a sword A pale stone archway with people coming through; towers in the distance

Different sized towers made from pale stone, against a white sky Steps lead up to pale stone towers View over a foggy city and river from above View over a city mostly pale stone with some church towers, and pink in the sky

While I was there I went to three thermal baths. Szechenyi, the biggest one, with many indoor and outdoor pools of different temperatures. Being outdoors in the hot water surrounded by steam was awesome, but deciding to get out to go somewhere else was horrible because it was bloody cold outside. Rudas is smaller, super touristy and super expensive. We went on a Saturday afternoon on the holiday weekend and it was packed. The draw is a 'panoramic jaccuzzi pool' on the roof which was very underwhelming and not really warm enough. It snowed a tiny bit while we were up there, but really we were just cold. One evening I went to relax at the more local (therefore cheaper and less busy) Veli Bej.

It was pretty nice and there are many things I'd like to come back for, to eat, mainly.

The traditional food post, and all photo sets.

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