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Vegan in Prague

If you want to know what I was doing between meals, I also have a post about Prague in general.

That was easier than expected. Though also more expensive than expected. I thought I could do two meals on 10-15EUR per day but had to quickly laugh that idea out of the window.

But there are enough vegan restaurants that I could eat solely at vegan-only establishments and still didn't try them all. There are about 6 Loving Huts. There's lots of Vietnamese food. Here goes:


A stark, canteen-like ambience, but very friendly staff. There are a couple of Veganlands; I went to one in small mall, which didn't help with the atomsphere. It's a buffet (25czk/100g) as well as a fixed menu. The buffet food is mostly Asian style, vegetables, mock meats and noodles. Some good stuff, mostly kind of greasy and junky, but satisfying. It reminded me of the terrible-but-awesome Chinese food I ate in Penang, the likes of which I haven't had in a really long time. On one occasion I had the buffet for lunch, and took away summer rolls and sushi (from the menu) to eat later. I ended up eating them for lunch the next day, and they were all good.

The next time I went (it was the closest vegan place to my hostel) I had the mozzerella pizza and it was fab. All the HappyCow reviews said so, and they are right. It was the right size, and super cheesey. I also had 'homemade lemonade' which was just a syrup and they mixed it with sparkling water and this was a terrible idea.

Green-lettered 'Veganland' sign at the top of a mall escalator A brown counter against a white wall with a menu above and wooden chairs in the foreground A box containing rolls of lettuce, beside a plastic tray full of colourful sushi rolls A tomato-covered pizza on a white plate, on a brown table A selection of food on a white plate

They have some raw cakes, but they didn't look particularly appetising and I didn't try them.

Loving Hut

Loving Huts in Prague are buffet style, 24czk/100g, and similarly Asian fare. Actually very similar to Veganland. The fixed menu is different though. I tried pho and wonton dumplings and they were both great. I didn't try the buffet. The pho was way more filling than I expected.

The atmosphere, in the x location at least, was nicer than Veganland. Still pretty stark, but less canteen-y. It opened last month though, and there's no wifi currently.

A white and plastic brown canteen, with a blue chair in the foreground and a buffet counter in the distance A white bowl of green veggies and white tofu beside a plate of dumplings and a glass of water A cosy brick and wood interior with curved ceilings and stairs on the right


This is a good place to go for a fancy meal if you're feeling fancy. But they also have little one-person shelf bench things against one wall, with power sockets, so I took my laptop out and didn't feel bad about taking up space. I went around 9pm, as they're open til 11pm and I was killing time before a midnight bus.

All of the food looks great. I had gnocchi with 'salmon'. I'm not sure where the 'salmon' came into it, it seemed to be a sauce made from mostly carrot and onion, but it was really nice nonetheless.

A black bowl containing giant gnocchi with orange sauce and a chunk of lemon on top A black mug with brown and white foam swirls of milk and cacao nibs

People were raving about the tiramisu, but I didn't feel like it. They had some crumbly fruit cakes too. I went with a hot chocolate, which was great. Super dark and bitter, yet smooth, with cacao nibs on the top.


This is a good-food and fast-food place in the old town. They have bowls of healthy Asian mixes, as well as burgers, kebabs and hotdogs. Good for a mixed crowd, or if you don't want to decide what kind of lunch you're having until you get there. I had a hotdog, which came loaded with healthy toppings including kale! And good sauce. The fries were mediocre. I took a brownie for later.

A black tray; a hotdog smothered in toppings and sauce on the left and mixed orange and yellow fries in a cardboard box on the right Domed brick ceilings, wood-panelled walls and comfy black seats

The space is nice, with a vast downstairs area, lots of nooks, power and wifi. Would be a good place to work. Staff were super friendly.


I planned to have a lengthy three course meal before heading to the cinema across the street, but the portions were so huge I had to skip dessert and content myself with a chai latte. I was sitting next to the cake cabinet though, and they looked fantastic. Not trying cake here may be my biggest regret.

I had a starter of pea guacamole with roasted portabello mushrooms, and a main of spaghetti with tempeh and tomato. They were so good. This is also a good place for a fancy meal.

A grey slate with a round heap of green mush in the center, surrounded by slivers of black shiny mushroom, sitting in a pink sauce A wide white bowl with spaghetti mixed with red and brown chunky sauce, three roasted cherry tomatoes on top, still attached to the vine


I managed to spend 7 hours here on the last day after my hostel checkout. The menu is extensive and great, including breakfast options, and it was tough to choose, but the HappyCow reviews hyped up the seitan and cheese bagel, so that's what I started with. The HappyCow reivews were right. A huge chunk of burger-y seitan, and a huge chunk of melty not-cheese, plus a heap of salad and pickles. They were out of bagels, but the seedy bun served its purpose. I bet their other burgers and quesedillas are amazing too. The espresso was great.

I got 'homemade lemonade' here too which was also syrup with sparkling water argh, but better than at Vegan land cos they also packed it full of lemon chunks and fresh mint. But yeah, must stop getting lemonade in Prague, it's not Sarajevo.

I progressed to waffles, which were accompanied by a dollop of interesting cream, and shredded apple and pear, and sliced banana, drizzled with chocolate sauce. Pretty good. They have pancakes too. The yerba mate came in a proper mate cup with a metal straw.

An espresso cup from the top, on a wooden table, with carved graffiti of a little bird on a branch saying 'kave' A white plate on a wooden table, with a seedy bread bun with cheese and red lettuce poking out of the side A white plate packed with waffles, cream, chopped apple and chocolate sauce

I took a tofu 'egg' wrap and a peanut butter brownie to go, for next day's bus. They got a bit squashed but survived the backpack well, and the wrap was excellent. The brownie was good, but could have been peanuttier.

Compared to everywhere else, this was the cheapest.

It was an excellent space to work. They have loads of seats, power and wifi. Staff were nice, and it was definitely attracting an alternative sort of crowd. Also dog-friendly, and I was much entertained by various canine vistors over the afternoon.


I spent a few hours over lunchtime here. There's not much seating, but another person sitting alone let me share their table. There's wifi and power, and also a few shelves of groceries.

The food is good, wholesome; soups, burritos, wraps, quiches, and a good selection of cakes. I had an excellent spinach and tempeh quiche, plus almond latte and lime cheesecake.

A slice of quiche becide a pile of green lettuce on a white plate A pale green table supports a foamy cup of coffee and a slice of yellow cheesecake, from above

The Sweet Secret of Raw

Cakes! Not strictly vegan cos they sweeten some things with honey. But all raw, all pretty expensive, and all amazing. I asked the waiter for her favourite and she directed me towards something smooth and creamy with two layers of different chocolate base, and a vanilla-bean pod filled cream layer. It was gooood. I also had a chai latte, which she cautioned me was 'spicy not sweet'. It was.

A counter with four shelves full of cakes, dramatically lit A white cake with a brown biscuit base and vanilla pods speckled throughout, on a blue napkin A framed picture of a regal looking pug wearing a pink collar

Comfy seats, but not loads. Wifi and power!


A very small place, with vegan cakes and serious coffee. Only a couple of seats which were occupied when I got there, so I took coffee and cake to go. A chocolate fruit cake, and a big slice at that.


In a convenient tourist location, close to the Castle. Has a lot of veganised traditional Czech food, so I was determined to max out on that. I ate a three course meal which was far too much food (half size of each course would have been perfect) and I didn't eat dinner that day. Three courses plus tea was 24EUR :o But it was great.

The starter stood out from HappyCow reviews, and sounded light, and involved tempeh: bruschetta. It was a plateful though, much bigger than expected, and really delicious.

I had stuffed cabbage for the main. It was rich and filling and delicious. And so was dessert - traditional dumplings. They were filled with prunes and covered in a sticky jam sauce. So heavy. I could hardly move.

A restaurant interior with red tables and a pink rose in a vase in the foreground. The background is white walls with dark wooden beams angled into a triangular roof The menu for 'Vegan's' restaurant, sideways A mountain of rocket shrouds chunks of red tomato and brown cashew 'cheese' Three cylindrical stuffed cabbage leaves drown in red sauce on a white plate A white plate holds two creamy fat dumplings smothered in sticky red sauce

Also a nice space with upstairs and downstairs seating.

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