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Five days in Prague

I wasn't charmed by Prague. It's nice enough, but I didn't fall in love with the city or anything.

I stayed in ArtHarmony hostel, a super nice plantlife themed place with lots of bamboo, and mezzenine sleeping platforms in the rooms instead of bunkbeds. It was quiet, the kitchen functions if a bit small, and the staff were friendly. I discovered too late they buy 1 EUR for 26 CZK (for guests only) which is by far the best rate you'll see in town. Internet was good, and common area plus a desk in the dorm were both good to work from. I'd stay there again.

Wooden steps up to a platform with beds on A room with a wooden floor and wooden table and benches A grey and orange backpack on a white-sheeted bed, in front of walls papered to look like brick and ivy

I alternated laptop days with touristing, but it was so freaking cold I ended up more on the side of laptop. At least it was dry and sunny though. But oh god, so cold.

On the first afternoon I went for a wander, and found the TV Tower. It's 250czk (10eur) entry, and good views. I ended up at the top slightly after sunset, which was not optimal. There's wifi up there, sofas, and interesting chairs, so it's a good place to pass time without freezing to death.

A white and red space-age looking tower against a pale blue evening sky Transparent hanging egg-seats in a blue and grey dimly lit room A tall space-age looking tower, lit up with blue and red light from below, against a black sky A murky grey-pink sky over a sprawling city, with white houses and red roofs, and church spires A murky grey-pink sky over a sprawling city, with white houses and red roofs, and lights lining the road

I went to see Black Panther at a little independant cinema (chosen due to its proximity to a vegan restaurant).

I worked all through the weekend, with a little break to visit the old town. Of course the astronomical clock, the only thing that sounded particularly interesting to see, was shut down for repairs and covered in scaffolding. Otherwise there's gothic spires and fancy architecture and bright coloured buildings and stuff.

Against a blue sky, a dark brown brick church with a gothic black spire, and a tram passing in the foreground A pink and beige striped building with fancy edges and blue circular paintwork in the middle A white swirly shaped building in front of a blue sky A church on the far side of a town square, with trees silhouetted against a blue sky and the reflection of a dusk sun A row of fancy shaped buildings: pink, blue, beige The sun setting behind a hill with a cathedral on it; in the foreground, a river with boats A bridge and a tower over the river, lit from underneath with orange lights, and a dusk sky in the background Orange lights reflect on the blue river, with the cathedral and castle on a hill in the distance

I had a full sightseeing day on Monday. It was so cold that when I wrapped a scarf around my face, the damp patch from my breath condensation froze into a solid block. The small block of scarf-ice was still preferable to the air directly though.

I walked along the river to the Castle. I didn't pay to go inside, but the grounds are extensive. The Cathedral is impressive from the outside.

A gothic cathedral with two towers and a big circular window against a blue sky Gothic cathedral spires, tall windows, green copper roofs Views over trees, and white buildings with orange roofs, from high

I walked through Petrin Park and climbed the hill. There's a little funicular, which takes the same tickets as the regular tram, but I am committed to climbing hills unnecessarily, even when I can't feel my legs. Especially when I can't feel my legs.

There's an observatory at the top which was of course closed on Mondays. There's a big castle-y wall. I went up the Petrin Tower (150czk) hoping to catch the sunset, but I was early and it was crowded up there. There are two spiral staircases on top of each other, one up and one down. They're both exposed to the outside, and at that height the wind was bitter. Views over the city are always good though.

An Eiffel-Tower-like tower silhouetted against a dusky blue sky along with spindly trees A view across a cityscape, with white houses and orange roofs, white blue sky A view across a cityscape with an orange and green spired church in the foreground

I took a different route back to see other parts of the park.

Then I got into bed for two hours to reheat and swore I was never going outside again.

A white sky backs brown leafless trees and a multi-tiered bulby brown and white church spire in the center A green lake backed by rocks housing a completely frozen white waterfall

That's pretty much it. I took the bus in to Florenc station, which is further north, about a 30 minute walk from the town center. I didn't stick around, but it looked like a fully-fledged properly-resourced bus station.

I caught the bus out from the Main Railway Station though, which is half way between town and Florenc but also just some signs at the side of a massive highway. The bus arrived on the opposite side to the one I was waiting, and I joined a bunch of other backback and suitcase wielding adventurers in charging across the road to catch it, at midnight. Not ideal. Will use Florenc in future (the ticket prices are always the same).

You may have noticed I didn't write about food! That's because everything I ate has its own blog post.

The rest of my photos.

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