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Damnit Jim, I'm a doctor not a well-developed character.

Season 3 and Bones hasn't changed. I am sick of his shit. Him being an asshole to Spock was funny for a few episodes but DUDE move on.

And as for the 'strange Vulcan physiology' issue every time Spock stubs his toe STUDY IT ALREADY ugh

This has been building up for a while, but what really did it just now was Kirk left Scotty in command and Bones is on the Bridge as usual for no fucking reason and Scotty's like "wow I dunno what to do, this sucks" and Bones is like "yikes oh well happens to the best of us" but when Spock is in command Bones spends the entire episode screaming in his ear because he hasn't immediately rescued the Captain even though Spock is clearly executing a well thought out plan at every moment.

Bones is racist.

But mostly Bones is jealous of Kirk's feelings for Spock.

🏷 star trek tos