BY THE WAY anonymous internet strangers, if you are upset and confused about decentralised social networks but (and this part is important) don't want to be confused any more, and maybe even are implementing some things or at the very least skimming the specs a bit, do come on over to #social channel on where we're all still hanging out and willing to help.

This stuff is complicated and distressing... trust us... and we (the Working Group and proximate communities) went through a lot of shiz so hopefully you don't have to.

If IRC isn't your thing, most of the editors and implementors are willing to help out to some degree, and you can track down contact details starting in the metadata at the tops of specs.

We do have lives though and most of us aren't being paid to work on this stuff, but we stick around because it's important to us, so please be patient and considerate too.

🏷 social web decentralisation socialwg