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Week in review: 11 - 17 September

  • Ate soup from Union of Genius.
  • Took more stuff to charity shops.
  • Ate giant vegan nachos at the Hoose.
  • Tried and failed to go up the Scott Monument.
  • At dessert at David Bann.
  • Took the night bus to London.
  • Ate at Vx and vegan pie and mash from Piebury Corner.
  • Flew from Luton to Tuzla; got back to Sarajevo at 3am Wednesday.
  • Learnt more about ElasticSearch.
  • Surrounded myself with broken instances of aleph.
  • Started season 2 of Sense8.
  • Started thesis corrections.
  • Went up the Avaz Twist Tower with bengo.

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