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Week in review: 4 - 10 September

  • OCCRP launched the Azerbaijani Laundromat investigation, a small bit of which has my name on.
  • Flew to London from Tuzla and took the night bus to Edinburgh.
  • Ate a haggis and tattie scone roll at Snax.
  • Passed my PhD defense, with minor corrections.
  • Ate curry at Mosque Kitchen.
  • Went to Prewired.
  • Ate pizza at Rigatoni's.
  • Ate pizza with vegan cheese at Pizza Express.
  • Ate cake at Henderson's.
  • Ate pakoras at Pakora Bar.
  • Ate pancakes and cake at The Herbivore Kitchen.
  • Tea and chocolate tart at Anteaques.
  • Dropped stuff at charity shops, the Bike Station, and The SHRUB.
  • Ate a vegan burrito at Forest Cafe.
  • Ran around Holyrood Park.
  • Ate chips on the beach at Portobello.

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