Tuesday the 15th of August at 9:04pm (+02:00)

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During today's Social Web WG call I made the best pizza I've ever made. It was helped by four kinds of vegan cheese, three of which were part of the new (to me) Tesco range. I stuffed the crust with Violife, and on top put chunks of Tesco blue cheese and chedder, and covered it liberally with grated mozzarella. Somewhere underneath were red onions, yellow bell pepper and courgette. The base sauce was chilli paste and tomato. The dough is a mix of spelt and wheat flour, and water.

Last week I made a cake, and recalled that I'd put leftover frosting in the back of my fridge in a cup. This is an unknown ratio (because who measure things) of date paste, coconut oil and cocoa, and it is a perfect chocolate mousse!

What a glorious evening.

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