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Week in review: 3 - 9 July

  • Spreadsheets.
  • Spent a day tracking down bugs that would have taken someone else 30 seconds to fix BUT learnt a lot about Python packaging in the process.
  • Accidentally went to a yoga class taught in Bosnian. It was fine.
  • My oven outlet was repaired in a timely manner and is no longer a fire risk.
  • Climbed Hum Hill.
  • Ate at Karuzo twice.
  • Signed a new contract with OCCRP to come back part time (3.5 days per week) until December (my initial contract was only until this month).
  • Made some progress with converting my site and logs data to the updated AS2 namespace and reshuffling everything into useful graphs to separate content produced by me from notifications created by others, and things that aren't (b)logposts from things that are.
  • Factory reset my phone. It works normally again!
  • Watched a lot of DS9.

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