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Some weeks in Europe

After 7 months in the southern hemisphere, I returned to Europe by way of a cheap Aero Flot flight from Tokyo to Venice that I booked ages in advance. I've enjoyed manageable temperatures and weather conditions, but missed Malaysian hospitality and food variety. I have a new appreciation for medieval stone architecture and winding cobbled streets, and forests without monkeys in them, but my bank account is hurting thanks to comparatively overpriced and substandard accommodation.

I spent approximately a week in Trieste, a week in Portoroz/Piran, and a week in Rome. In Trieste I relaxed, explored, reflected, deflated. In Portoroz I attended the Extended Semantic Web Conference, co-chaired a half day workshop, scribed a panel and Sarven and I won a best paper award for Linked Data Notifications, and otherwise socialised extensively. In Rome I walked a freaking lot, attended the International Conference on Web Engineering, socialised a little bit, and didn't really manage to get any work done.

This morning I took a bus across the width of Italy, from Rome to Ancona. Last time I was in Ancona I noted that this place is probably beautiful in good weather, and I was right. Two years ago I arrived here on delayed trains, worried I was late for my ferry, in torrential rain, with no idea how thoroughly nonsensical the ferry boarding process is. This time I arrived with several hours to spare, and wandered around a little in the glorious sunshine. Now I knew where to go for ferry checkin and boarding, the process was quick and easy. I had a leisurely lunch at Zazie, a small vegetarian cafe in the town center, and bought supplies from a supermarket. The ferry has not departed yet, 20 minutes after its scheduled time. But not to worry, I've got all night. Just like last time, I'll arrive in Split, Croatia, at 7am tomorrow morning.

In Split I'll take the day to myself, spend a night in a hostel, and then on Sunday I'll take a bus to Sarajevo, where new adventures await.

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