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Split again

I wandered around Split and swam in the sea today.

It was busy, and felt more touristy than last time, though I'm about two months later than last time, a month into to summer and high season. It's mostly as I remember it, but some improvements. There are more vegan food options around for a start. Last time I asked at lots of gelato places for dairy free, and got either blank stares or definitive nos. This time, everywhere had vegan sorbet, and one had a vegan sugar free chocolate ice cream.

I returned to MakroVega and Vege Fast Food, places I ate before. I also stopped at Marta's Fusion, a veggie restaurant I did not come across last time.

The hostel I'm staying in (En Route) is a bit out of town, and beside a super weird semi-abandoned mall/stadium. It's new and really nice. The 18-bed dorm is enormous, loads of space, and private curtained pod-beds. Unfortunately it's full of party animals. Right now (7pm) there's music blasting from the common area or outside. When I took a nap between 9am and 11am, there were also ravers in the room. So I'm anticipating the same late tonight as well, or at the very least boistrous late returns. Oh well, such is dorm life.

My main mission today was to get a bus ticket for tomorrow. After being distracted by the beach for a few hours I finally made it to the bus station. Online, tickets cost 210kn, but not all bus companies are represented. There's supposedly a Bosnian company with shorter travel times, but I couldn't find anyone representing them there. In the end I paid 166kn (less than £20) for a one way 8 hour journey, leaving at 7am, with Globtour.

Then I wandered around town... ate food, bought food for tomorrow.

🏷 split travel