The WebConf Call for Contributions

You can now contribute to the material presented at The WebConf 2018!

I'm cochairing the developers track with Thomas Steiner, and we are, naturally, explicitly encouraging non-Paper or more Webby contributions. If the developers track can't do it, no-one can!

Authors should be creative in finding the most effective way to communicate their work, and we welcome dynamic or interactive contributions. Contributions using native Web technologies, or otherwise in a format which exemplifies or demonstrates dogfooding of the technology in question are particularly encouraged.

More details about the submission process coming soon, but we will accept (nay, encourage) a publicly accessible URL pointing to your material, and we will snapshot it at a web archive or download it on the submission deadline. For some ideas and tools for communicating academic work on the Web, check out LinkedResearch.

I'm hopeful we have the option for an open review process. Still working that out.

The WebConf organising committee will hold the copyright over works included in the proceedings, but release it under a CC-BY 4.0 license, which allows ACM to publish their proceedings. We haven't worked this out yet, but I'm hopeful that we can allow contributors to opt out of handing their copyright over at all and release their work under a CC-BY 4.0 license themselves. It might be that we have to exclude these works from the ACM proceedings and publish an alternative proceedings to include these, but we'll see.. stand by.

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