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Review of Instrumenting Continuous Knowledge Extraction, Sharing, and Benchmarking

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I like how this article seeks to accommodate a broad view of viable data sources for research, and particularly encourages data sharing and reuse between researchers.

The authors provide three examples of existing tools which could do (or be adapted to do) parts of the suggested pipeline. I hope that publishing this encourages others who are developing tools along these lines to come forward and let the authors and others know so that the community can start a comprehensive directory, as I'm sure there are plenty more.

It would be helpful to also have a characterisation of what is definitely missing as far as the authors know, and what the authors think are good directions to priortise for near term research and development.

Obviously I agree with the authors' call to open source such tooling for community benefit. I'd be particularly interested to hear your thoughts on the "agreed-upon integration platform" and what you think the best forum for discussing such a platform would be. Hopefully we can come up with ideas for that during the EDSC workshop discussion sessions!

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