Love and Coconuts

Last week N and I walked past a cafe in Canggu called Love and Coconuts. We checked out the menu, but didn't stop to eat because we had our stomachs set on elsewhere that night. But while we were there, we were both given a free matcha coconut bliss ball :)

I went past by myself a few days later in the evening intending to eat, but they close at 6. I said hi to the staff who were just closing up, anyway.

Today I finally made it at lunch time. I plugged my laptop in and got comfy in the nice surroundings. I was brought a free turmeric and betel leaf shot before the menu even made it. I ordered and ate a veggie burger and moringa tea, which was seriously filling and delicious. Later I got a free refill in my tea.

I've been here for over 4 hours now. I'm still too full to move..

Nothing here is disposable, except the toilet paper. Even the hand towels in the toilet are normal small towels. The bamboo straw in the tea, I get to keep, and if I bring it back I get 5k off my next drink :)

And the music is really nice. It's good covers of lots of songs I know really well.

Most of the food is vegetarian, lots is vegan, and it's all well labelled.

Yeah I like it here.

Update: Free vegan chocolate cake! They were experimenting last night. It's so good! They've been open a week!

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