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Langkawi 8: the rest

Photos from the last two days on Tuba.

After a leisurely breakfast yesterday I shared a boat back to Kuah late morning. I waited around the jeti for Lucas, my next CS host. He gave me a ride on the back of his scooter to his place, just outside Kuah. There I met his other guests, P and V from Russia, and GJ from the Netherlands.

Together we headed out, attempting to hitchike as five to Durian Perangin waterfall. It took about 20 minutes for us to be picked up in a car big enough to seat us all comfortably, which took us about 1/4 of the way there. Very soon after we managed to fit five of us in the back of a normal sized car... The three guys took the seats, and us two girls sat on top of them. They took us the rest of the way there (even though it was a diversion from where they were going!). We climbed to the top of the waterfall and swam and relaxed in the sun.

We wandered back, stopping on the way at a black bee farm where I stood in the swarm (they're stingless) but declined to suck honey from a hive with a straw. Then we hitched in the back of a pickup to Kuah town. We wandered through Chopm Park, got a snack from the Jetty, and Lucas, GJ and I went to eat nasi kandar (hitched again, even though it wasn't far) while V and P went to Eagle Square to busk.

We hitched back to Lucas's place, actually picked up by a passing friend of Lucas.

Photos of hitchiking, waterfall, and Kuah.

Later that evening GJ and I wandered through the restaurants of the local area, discussed vegan food, and ate laici kang and rojak. We got a mango salad too, but OF COURSE mango salad is filled with teeny tiny staring anchovy heads. Who didn't know that? We left it in the fridge for Lucas.

This morning I got up early and went for roti canai near Lucas's place. This might have been my favourite roti canai so far. Then GJ and I hitched to the jeti; we were picked up after about two minutes by a couple. I had budgeted a lot for taxis around Langkawi, but only took one on the first day. Bargain!

GJ tried to to get a ticket to Penang on the same ferry as me, but it was already full. So he left to look for bus/train options, and I got iced lime tea from the jeti food court and checked in for the ferry. Now I'm aboard, and waiting for it to leave.

Some photos from the morning.

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