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Langkawi 7: the chilling diaries

I filled two bags and a bucket picking up rubbish, and made it half the length of the beach before I stopped for a nap in a tree. Then there were loads of ants on the branches, so I switched to napping on the sand. There were ants there too.

I swam the length of the beach, and rested on a floating jetty for.. I dunno, half an hour or more. There was a little water-walking insect I'd never seen the like of before; I watched it flit around. I swam back.

I showered in the outdoor shower, and washed my hair with soap, which I hadn't done for a while.

Didn't you want a blow-by-blow account of my day? There's not a lot to do here but chill out and then write about it :)


Now I'm eating noodles by the ocean.

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