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Langkawi 6: home is where the hammock is

I slept great. Falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the ocean so close on one side, and the trills of the jungle on the other... of course there's no aircon or even a fan in the dorm, but there are also no walls, and a pleasant breeze. The temperature was pefect.

I awoke with the sunrise. An infalliable way to get me out of bed in the morning is to put me literally on the beach. The allure of the two steps to sand and sea is greater than a mattress.

The tide was out, revealing mud flats and coral. After breakfast (bread, jam, beans, orange juice), I waded through the mud for a while.

Now I'm back in the hammock. The tide has come almost all the way back in, and the other guests bar two have left. I'll leave with them tomorrow morning; no one else is due to arrive today. My original plan had been to couchsurf tonight and tomorrow. One of the guests lent me his data connection just long enough to change the plans with my host (but not long enough to find out what's going on in the world).

It's warm and pefectly breezey. A little overcast, so no overpowering sun. I'm going to grab the litter picker and pick up trash from the beach. I had an urge to each time I walked down, and since the beach is of finite size I think it will be satisfying.

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