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I've been shipping Janeway and Chakotay for the last four seasons, but Chakotay and Seven... oh. my. god. They're adorable. They're all awkward and excited. They're doing the little thing where they pretend to be professional, calling each other "sir" etc, but with little smirks. I'm melting.

In related news, this last episode is an emotional rollarcoaster and I didn't realise I was at the last one and I'm not ready :'o

Update: Wow, seriously. They got back to the alpha quadrant, destroyed the Borg, Seven and Chakotay got together and broke up and got back together, Harry saved the day, Tuvok was flawlessly selfless, B'Lanna had a baby whilst Tom flew Voyager through a transwarp conduit being fired on by the last Borg ship, and there were two Janeways. That was fucking awesome.

I will watch these again someday.

But next up.. Deep Space Nine! Stay tuned for more in the exciting adventures of rhiario binges Star Trek.

🏷 star trek voyager

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