Still have too much stuff

I shed two t-shirts, a pair of smartish trousers, and denim long shorts in Tokyo. I still find myself envious of all the people around me in the hostel in Kuala Lumpur with smaller backpacks than me.

On a related note, I really want all of the brightly coloured loose pants at the market.

So I'm going to try to significantly reduce my load again before I leave KL. To make it easier, I'll put something aside to rehome every day for the next nine days. To remind myself, and stay accountable, I'll update this blog post.

Update: In the end I did it all at once, a couple of days after writing this. I extracted this stuff, and shoved it under my bed. At the end of my stay in the hostel, the folks at reception said they knew someone they could give it to for charity, so I left it with them.

A pile of rolled up clothes on a bed Clothes in a bag

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