Kuala Lumpur 9

I woke up later than I wanted, and went to the Islamic Art Museum (7myr for student). It was interesting, and huge, but probably not as good as the one in Qatar. Hightlight was an exhibition about Islam in Austria. I went to the museum restaurant, which is fancy and expensive. I asked for a seat by a power socket, and the wifi password ("islamic100"). It didn't seem super appropriate for me to have my laptop out, and after I ordered a drink the waiter was pushing me to order food. There was a set lunch, none of which was vegan, and a lunch buffet that wasn't on the menu. I eventually agreed to the lunch buffet (27myr); all middle eastern food, which I love, was a nice change. I stayed for two and a half hours. After the waiter trying to hurry to clear up my plate a couple of times he eventually accepted that I was staying, and chilled out. He even started bringing me water after about an hour. I got some work done. During my quest to get my money's worth of the buffet I think I ate too much.

Then I walked to and around the scuplture garden, and found the war memorial there as well. There's wifi in the sculpture garden, naturally. I napped on a bench, it was hot.

I stopped by 7/11 and a money changer for supplies, then went to Water Lily again for dinner. Curry mee was a little better than the previous food I had here. I bought three bao to go for the bus tomorrow.

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