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Just kidding, I'm going to break the habit of blogging every single day, since there will be fewer days packed as full of excitement as my KL days were. I'll probably stick most to short notes for a while.

But I ate at two good veg*n restaurants today, so that's worth mentioning. Coya has a variety of healthy dishes, and labels things with egg. I had dumpling noodle soup, buckwheat tea, and watermelon (11.80myr). This evening I met C, L and Y at Sushi Kitchen for dinner. I'd missed Japanese food! A vegan restaurant with an abundance of things I want to eat. I'll be back. I ate a spicy sushi roll, edamame, and udon with tempura (25myr). On the walk back the sky went from zero to torrential in a parsec. I was drenched. I'm surprised my phone survived the journey. The other people staying in the apartment tonight laughed at me when I came in.

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