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Week in review: 31 Oct - 6 Nov

  • Copypasted results from #ownYourData paper into thesis chapter 3, and edited and added to other bits already in chapter 3.
  • Helped transition LDN to CR and Webmention to PR.
  • Published two WD updates to Social Web Protocols.
  • Went to an Onsen.
  • Learnt to count to ten in Japanese whilst waiting for the bus. Only the basic numbers though. There are whole different sets of words if you're counting something specific like people or things. Obviously.
  • Gave a lightning talk at the W3C TAG Developer Meetup about some of the work the Social Web WG is doing.
  • Fixed my homepage AS2 output (it's still not perfect, but it had disappeared completely for a while).
  • Learnt to make gyoza.

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