Deep fried soy meat

One of the things I've loved at vegan restaurants in Japan is deep fried soy meat. Most have it, and meat-eaters I've dined with have compared it favourably to fried chicken or other meat. It's crunchy and juicy and just really super satisfying. So naturally I decided to make my own.

As usual, the following image sums up my cooking style:

i have no idea what im doing

And as usual, I googled it a bit, skimmed a couple of articles or recipes, and then closed everything and jumped in working on Web-refreshed instincts. Well, first I went to Seiyu and bought soy meat (obviously) and katakuriko, a potato starch that I'd read was much better than using normal wheat flour. I found it by screenshotting a google image search result and searching the supermarket to match the kanji on packaging. In case you were interested.

I marinated the soy meat in soy sauce, ginger paste, garlic paste, and sesame oil for about 20 minutes. I deep fried some potatoes in the mean time, because I read somewhere you are supposed to fry vegetables before using the oil for meat or something. Also because I love fried potato.

Fried soy meat ingredients Marinating soy meat Coating soy meat in katakuriko

Then I rolled the soy meat in the katakuriko until it had a thin coating. Then I deep fried it.

Frying.. After longer frying.. Fried!

Success! This was delicious. The chunks weren't as big as the ones I've had in restaurants, but that's all Seiyu have. It was so good I'd already eaten half before it even occurred to me to reach for the mayonnaiase.

While I was at it, I did the same with some thin slices of konnyaku. Also successful, though not quiet as delicious. I think I should have probably made an effort to make a thick, consistent coating of flour.

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