I accidentally read the comments on an article about how British media is being racist against refugee children and now I'm depressed. From out here it looks like the people living on the piece of rock I was born on are just spiralling into intolerance, facism, inhumanity. How can your reaction to anyone who just escaped from a warzone and now, thousands of miles from home, is trying to find their family, some familiarity... be "oh they're big, they can look after themselves, they don't need our sympathy or aid." This is what the comments say. Why does how tall someone is and if they have facial hair - let alone their age - affect their ability to cope with trauma, or their need for their mum? Have none of these people ever been sad? Ever felt vulnerable? Ever had a shit day and needed a hug? Certainly none of them have fled a war.

Maybe they're not real. They're just internet words. But... what if they're real? What if for 25 years of my life I was surrounded by monsters, and now they've been given permission to speak?

Reading @RealAvocadoFact to attempt to rebalance.

I should be writing.

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