Renewing LetsEncrypt certs for my shared hosting

Navigated to where I previously installed the letsencrypt cli client (note to self as this took me a while to remember: /home/rhiaro/letsencrypt).

Ran ./letsencrypt-auto renew --agree-tos --manual-public-ip-logging-ok

When I ran with --dry-run it looped through the three domains I previously generated certs for, failed on the first two because it tried to do the acme-challenge without giving me a chance to copypaste the code, but the last one waited for my input before proceeding, so I was able to copy the code to a file on the server and press enter, and it continued successfully. But then when I ran it for real (without --dry-run) it waited for my input after each one, so I was able to do them all at once.

Then I went through cPanel, deleted the existing private keys (which deleted the corresponding certs automatically), uploaded the new privkey.pem files for each domain to Private Keys and the cert.pem files to Certificates. In "Install and Manage SSL for your site" I clicked 'Update certificate' by each domain in the list, chose the certs from the GUI (which prefilled the private keys) and pasted the chain.pem contents into the input for the CA bundle. All set!

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