Portland is delicious


Arrived in Portland after a 17 hour train journey. Had no data connection and had done no prior planning, including caching a map or getting the address of where I was staying. Pantsed around Union Station looking for wifi for a while, and eventually the restaurant next door (Wilf's) were sympathetic. I made it to my destination, discussed the boundless possibilities of vegan food with my hosts for a few hours, and then we went for dinner at Epif Restaurant & Pisco Lounge; Charciqan. Also headed to a bar where I tried Kombucha. Not sure how I feel about it.


Breakfast tacos. Went to Heart coffee to hack for a bit; had a latte with house-made cashew milk that I forgot to take a photo of. Walked to Wolf and Bear's for falafel, and ate it in Townshend's tea shop along with coconut milk mate red bean bubble tea.


Breakfast tacos. Rain. Lunch at Vtopia, a dedicated vegan cheese shop o.O Salami and cheese toastie, and shared a cheese tasting platter. Also bought an expensive block of 'camembert'.

Ground Kontrol for a vegan corndog, weird Liam Neeson movie and pinball. The nostalgia for Windows pinball I got from playing IRL pinball was incredible. Reverse nostalgia?

Went to White Owl for vegan s'mores, but they don't sell them any more due to complaints from the fire department. Stopped by the entirely vegan mall (!?!), but everything was closed. Finally ended up at Rimsky's for tea, a truly fantastical place that would have been the highlight of the day had the day not been entirely highlights. "Sit at a table which hums."


Breakfast tacos. Torrential rain. The best burrito, empanadas rellenas, I've ever had in my life from Los Gorditos.

I went on a walking tour of 'underground' Portland. I was the only person, and the tour guide wasn't super keen to go out in the downpour, but he humoured me. I learnt lots about racism and crimping and tunnels.

Two big pizza slices from Sizzle Pie.

Discovered Scandal and Please Like Me.


Breakfast tacos. No rain! Fish tacos, gravy mash and sweet potato fries from Veggie Grill. I'm reliably informed that breakfast tacos don't count, so I technically didn't have tacos twice in one day.

Walked to and through Washington Park. Picked up a orange and olive oil donut from Blue Star. Lots of trees and mud and a pretty sunset. Walked about 9 miles in total. Homemade fancy mac'n'cheeze.


Leftover fish taco. Stumptown coffee. Vegan biscuits and gravy and other things at Paradox. Train to Seattle!

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