A. "That person says they do not agree with my experience, but I experienced it! They are wrong."

B. "Maybe they just had a different experience to you."

A. "If they had a different experience to me that means my experience was wrong, which it was not, therefore theirs is wrong."

B. "You can both have equally valid yet different experiences, that have led you to different conclusions about the same thing."

A. "I understand that they had a different experience, but their conclusion is wrong based on my experience. They are wrong!"

B. "But their conclusion isn't based on your experience, it's based on their experience."

A. "But their conclusion is different to mine, contradicting my experience."

B. "It doesn't contradict or invalidate your experience. You can both have different experiences, reach different conclusions, and each are equally valid for each of you."

A. "Okay, I see. They're wrong though, and I'm going to continue the argument on that basis.

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