A few hours in Zadar

I made the 0800 bus from Split to Zadar, which was later than I intended, but oh well. That was 94 kuna, and took about 3.25 hours. I dozed a bit, but the sea views were pretty good. I floated around Zadar complete with rucksacks. I saw/heard the sea organ, wandered around the marina, sat at a cafe for the bit watching boats, wandered through the university campus, wandered through Konzum for a snack, and wandered back to to the bus station. Most of the things to see in Zadar seem to be churches, which I'm sure are very impressive and maybe I would have bothered if I hadn't been rucksack-laden. I was disappointed not to stumble upon a beach I could sit at, it was all harbour. Or at least, where I got to was all harbour. I definitely like Split better from this experience, but Zadar has some epic (and closer) islands I hear, which I'd love to hop between.

The bus to Korenica is presently 15 minutes late and counting, and if I hadn't noticed loads of other buses being late I'd be a bit concerned I was waiting in the wrong place...

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