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Junior Data Architect, Linked Data Platform

BBC, London

Worked with an amazing team to boost the profits of Mr. Falafel in Shepherd's Bush and on the side helped with modelling the world as the BBC sees it, and learnt all of the corners to cut and ideologies to give up in order to develop linked data applications to improve the lives of people who don't know/care about linked data.

Key achievements include:

  • Wrote some of the longest SPARQL queries I've ever seen.
  • Disambiguated all the things.
  • Added all the Things to DBpedia.
  • Got my very own BBC/things guid.
  • Corrected typos in public ontology documentation.
  • Discovered rewriting a script from scratch in Python is easier than learning Scala to make a couple of small changes.
  • Wrote an IRC bot script that replied in the affirmative if anyone mentioned falafel in the team channel.
  • Accidentally made every artist in the triplestore owl:sameAs David Bowie.

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