I'm visiting the Information Access research group at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam for a week.

I walked around a bit, and discovered that a lot of roads look like pavements, or pavements don't stop being pavements even when they cross over a junction a car can turn down.

Also I keep looking the wrong way when crossing roads and cycle paths.

Fortunately all of the cars and bikes I've stepped out in front of so far have been going very slowly.

Also I don't know if there's a heatwave or if I'd just acclimatised to Scotland more than I thought. Everyone else is going around wearing coats, but I'm sweltering.

I've been here before in 2008, but only have vague memories of tourist attractions and the city hadn't left a lasting impression on me. Hopefully I can pay more attention this time.

Expect more posts about my research-related adventures soon.

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