I touched my toes!

I touched my toes in yoga today. It happened in the heat of power yoga, and I didn't think I'd be able to do it cold. But I can! That's my goal for the end of the year met then..

(This may sound trivial, but I have short hamstrings, and anything that involves bending in the middle and straightening my legs at the same time I find extremely difficult. This the main thing I'm aiming to overcome with yoga).

Another first from today was binding without help in a spinal twist. I managed to do this again at home an hour later, too.

And I've noticed that going into Chatarunga between sets of postures has become a reprieve, a chance to catch my breath and rest for a second. Chatarunga is essentially holding yourself in the middle of a pressup, and when I started this class that was not something I could do, or ever though it might be a good idea to do; with the fast pace of the class, it was easy to collapse down onto my chest and skip over it. But over the past few weeks as I've got used to how the class progresses I've slipped into doing the Chatarunga properly - or as properly as I can without having time to stop and think about it - and not having trouble at all. I just tested that theory at home, and held myself in it for a good ten seconds.

I haven't seen such fast progress in any of the other yoga I've done. This class is exciting me, and filling me with hope.

It's taking a toll on my wrists though. By the end of the semester, they'll be strong :)

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