Rhia Ro

I sometimes get asked what rhiaro means.

Rhianna, or Rhia, was one of several daydream personas I had when I was wee. She persisted longest, so that was the name I chose (when I was around 9 or 10 years old I think) and I decided any budding author worth their salt needed a penname (I always wanted to be a writer of fiction; I still do). I scribbled Rhia Ro at the bottom of all my short stories for years, and when I started to converge on a consistent online identity, that's what I went with (before then, you might've known me as gerbilsbhs, theboynextdoor, TheRingleader, mysticalmoonflower or kirilya).

Buying rhiaro.co.uk at the end of 2008 was a real formative moment for Rhia and myself.

Most people instinctively pronounce it rih-haro ree-haro or ree-aro, and that's okay, but really it's reah-ro.

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