Week in review: VidFest

20th - 26th May

Continued to work on literature review. Nothing much to report.

Went to MCM Expo in London and managed to find time (around non-stop merch selling for TomSka and Eddsworld) to ask between 30 and 40 content creators - a wide variety of ages, experience, types of content - about their process and collaborative practices. The thing they all had in common (I randomly picked people as they were waiting in the two hour long queue to get autographs from Tom) was that they all do what they do because the love it, want to entertain people, and if the could earn a living from it too that would be amazing; but that's not why they do it. For many it's the dream, but not one they expect realistically to achieve.

That is why this is important to me. Because everybody should be able to make a living from doing what they love*, and the technology exists to allow it. How exciting.

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