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Week in review: upcatching

8th - 14th April

Wednesday: returned from brief sojourn at my mum's; TechMeetup.
Thursday: 2nd UK Ontology Networks Workshop (link to notes to follow).
Friday: missed Social Computing seminar as (I found out later) they changed rooms after I got there (8 minutes late, still not the latest).
The rest: rewrote my literature review outline (still not happy, but need to stop agonising over it as it still doesn't contain anything substantial). Read a largely irrelevant paper about cultural computing (notes may or may not follow). Discovered a book I want and have asked the University Library to get. Only the first page of the chapter I want is available to preview (I've made enquiries to the author of the chapter, too). Started reading Socially Mediated Publicness: An Introduction by danah boyd; notes will follow.

🏷 phd week in review

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