Food For Jenny: A whole Saturday

For breakfast I had Tesco's own brand bran flakes, with soya milk.

HAHA that's a lie. I had a cupcake. Orange sponge with a square of dark chocolate in the middle.

Homemade, so it doesn't count.

Lunch was Linda McCartney sausages in my Mum's 'miracle bread' rolls that I brought back from home a couple of days ago. They have soya flour, and linseeds, and all sorts of stuff. Also in there was 'fresh' (actually week- old) spinach, ketchup, tabasco sauce, hummus and a pinch of magic BBQ spice mix. And bancha hojicha (a Japanese green tea).

Then I made my own bread. It wasn't altogether successful.

Over the course of the afternoon I drank a cold bottled concoction calling itself jasmine tea from the Chinese supermarket (because whenever I go into a Chinese supermarket I have to try a new weird drink).

Dinner, then, was a sort of chilli bean stew, because I thought that would go well with the weird bread...

[Soak and boil dried kidney beans; skip this part for canned ones, and chuck them in whenever].

Boileth a quarter of a swede and large chunks of new potatoes with the kidney beans, until everything is soft.


Half an onion, two cloves of garlic, a courgette, a red pepper, broad beans (frozen), a handful of tomatos and a handful of mushrooms into the wok to fry until they looked mostly cooked. Plus pinches of: Vegeta (which is a particularly good vegetable stock you'll find in an Eastern European supermarket); cajun spice mix; chilli powder; piri piri spice mix; garam masala and mixed herbs, and let sizzle for a while longer. Then Quorn mince and a tin of chopped tomatoes, a good mix, and simmer for an indeterminate amount of time (or until the other pan of boiling things is done).

Combine two pans of boiling/simmering things (ideally into largest pan).

Eat with bread and/or rice and/or a spoon.

Follow with more cupcakes and tea.

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