Week in review: Reading and catching up

25th Feb - 3rd March

I spent most of this week in a remote village by the sea in the Scottish Highlands.

When I came back I read and made notes about the Semantic Web and social machines by TBL; and typed up some notes from a while ago about OntoMedia and the Semantic Web and communities by K. Faith Lawrence.

I also translated all of my written meeting notes into Evernote, which promptly glitched out and doubled the amount of typing I had to do. (I considered switching back to Google Docs, but I need labels). I sure love technology.
I refamiliarised myself with the structure OWL. Awesome diagrams here.

_I did some more thinking about how I need to work with amateur content creators to make an ontology that fits their workflow. I should have finished the planning stage of this ages ago, but.. I blame the ILWhack.

I keep wondering about the best way to have a system of consistent URIs across a network where the information can move from server to server on the whim of a user. During this wonderment I discovered that purl.org's login system is broken. I joined the mailing list, and people complain about it and have it re-fixed fairly regularly, so I'll just wait..

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