Notes about Annotating Multimedia with OntoMediaLawrence, K.F., schraefel, m.c.: Bringing communities to the semantic web and the semantic web to communities. In: Proceedings of WWW2006. (2006)

Michael O. Jewell, K. Faith Lawrence, Adam Prugel-Bennett, and m. c. schraefel (200?) Annotation of Multimedia Using OntoMedia

Check out a bit of discussion about this paper on Ontologies with a View.

OntoMedia for representing "diverse range of media".

Others for media:

None quite did what was needed.
So created to map to current models but specifically describe media content.
Hierarchical approach.

1\\\\. Overview
Entity / Event system
Entity: object, concept
Event: interaction between one or more entities
0 or more Entities are modified OR new Entity created
Entities not destroyed, but may have not-exists attribute

Decompose to sub-ontologies.

Mediate? Graphical interface.


Specified in OWL
Developed in Protege and SWOOP.

2\\\\. Case Study
Scene from Total Recall annotated. Represent script and characters, and characters from related book, and links between two forms.

Screenplay annotation - SiX - Screenplays in XML.
Wraps around existing content.
Transition (cuts, fades, blackouts), location, dialogue and direction (action taking place in the script)

SiX allows for DC, for creators, date, descr, title.
Custom XSL to conform marked up scripts to Oscar requirements for readability.

Script Item extends Media Item to link script representation to OntoMedia.
Use has-expression to tie to OntoMedia:Expression.

Describing places and access etc, like lift, like IF.
\\\\- For describing character continuity, eg 'can character really see x' etc.

Must describe events that don't occur. Characters want to occur, etc. Multiple timelines, dreams.

Declare events.
Create timeline and add occurances.
\\\\- events can be reused, and coincide.

3\\\\. Testing / querying
Imported into Sesame triplestore.
RDQL queries (subset of SPARQL, simpler, only ever has 1 graph pattern, doesn't use RDF data typing)

4\\\\. Conclusion
No examples of pictures - how to annotate comics?

Combining OM with other apps.
Stuff integrated into Mediate.

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