Large handwarmers (crochet)

One of the first useful things I crocheted were these extremely masculine handwarmers.

The extremely soft and fuzzy wool was from Age Scotland I believe.

I used no pattern and had never made handwarmers before, so they came out far too big. Not to worry, at least you can fit a Tigo in them!

I just repeated dc ch1 around, dc-ing in the gap left by the chain each time. I reduced a bit around the wrist area to shape it, but it wasn't particularly effective. I chained about four, instead of carrying on, to make the gap for the thumb, then continued as normal. One of them is shorter than the other, because I didn't count anything.

They serve their purpose though, and the lucky owner has even gone so far as to wear them in public in the chilly heights of Appleton Tower.

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