Notes about ontology creation methodologies (2 papers)

Yesterday I unexpectedly read two whole papers about ontology development methodologies. They were open in tabs I don't remember opening, but presumably did so during our weekly Ontologies With A View meeting last Friday. There are still a bunch more tabs open with papers or articles about the same thing, so maybe I'll read those later..

The notes are here more or less as I scribbled them down whilst reading, and I haven't expanded with any analysis or discussion as of yet.

Notes in purple are things I intend/need to investigate further; colour-coding is just for me, really.

Jean Vincent Fonou-Dombeu & Magda Husiman (2011) Combining Ontology Development Methodologies **and Semantic Web Platforms for E-government **Domain Ontology Development. International Journal of Web & Semantic Technology (IJWesT) Vol.2, No.2, April 2011

*Mike Uschold and Martin King (1995) **Towards a Methodology for Building Ontologies. Workshop on Basic Ontological Issues in Knowledge Sharing, IJCAI-95.

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