hi Amy
Dr Mark Wright from Informatics. Good to meet you last week. Glad to see you experimenting with stuff like this. I am interested in interactive narrative. I did stuff related to Joyce and Ulysses played out in the city using mobile phones.
It occurred to me that the same thing could start happening to people who visited the site, like the film crew. Maybe you could make a site that was like a wasp trap jam jar that brings real visitors into a story and then "kills" or freezes them and then in time and makes them part of the next victims story. If it was facebook maybe you could use their profile info/image. A feeling like the end of the Shining when the camera pans through the hotel and you see a young Jack in a picture from 1921.
Maybe you could put facebook visitors in a picture something like that. So they know they have been captured and then the crowd just grows and grows with new victims of the page?

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