A moorhen died in my arms today.

It was sad indeed. Plus the hoard of ducklings is now down to seven. (There were nine, last time I was in, and they started at ten). Apparently they can die from being too wet. Who knew.

I also encountered this morning: a pigeon who held his head upside down and walked in circles. He had issues. And a flightless canary, who seems healthy in all other aspects. Maybe he’s just awkward. But because of this, it doesn’t look like he’s fit for the outside aviary. If I didn’t think Tigo would eat him, I’d adopt him in a second.

Speaking of Tigo, he seems to be exhibiting nesting behaviour:
I think he might be hormonal. It would certainly explain the sudden increase in biting.

PS. Yesterday’s prophecy came true. Quelle surprise.

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